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The way to Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA®)

We ensure CPSA-Foundation training which is a globally recognized and standardized program for software architects. This program is designed by iSAQB®, the international software architecture qualification board. In this course, you will know what is needed to create successfully a modern software architecture.

You will explore techniques, tactics, and strategies as well as why/how/when to make calculated tradeoffs/sacrifices. By the end of this training , you will have a better insights about tools and mindset that can be used to build masterpieces in modern software architectures.

CPSA® Foundation Training 


 Discuss definitions of software architecture
-  Goals and benefits of software architecture
Software architecture as part of the software lifecycle
-  Software architects' tasks and responsibilities and role of software architects to other stakeholders
Correlation between development approaches and software architecture
-  Differentiation between short- and long-term goals, explicit statements and implicit assumptions
 Types of IT systems and challenges of distributed systems

Approaches and heuristics for architecture development
-  Design software architectures
Influencing factors of software architecture
-  Cross-cutting concepts
Design patterns and how to apply them appropriately
Design principles
-  Techniques and tactics to achieve quality requirements

- The tactics and techniques for software architecture communications
- What and when we should document software architecture
- Which notations/models are used to describe software architecture
- Document and communicate cross-cutting concepts
- How to Explain and document architectural decisions

- Quality models and quality characteristics
- Quality requirements for software architectures
Qualitative analysis and assessment of software architectures
- Quantitative evaluation of software architectures

- Relation between requirements, constraints, and solutions.
- Examples from practical experience

Learning Method

- Interactive courses
- Example from practical experience on designing successful software architecture
- Real life examples
- Thinking strategies to create a successful software architecture
- Hints to how make effective decisions

Training Goals

- Discover the international standards of software architecture
- Have a better insights about software architects mindset and tools
- Be well prepared for passing the CPSA® certificate exam
- Be above competition as a software artist
- Discover knowledge that can't be googled   

 Recognized Training



Software Architecture 

"As with Chess, Software architecture is all about techniques, strategies and calculated sacrifices"
Zied Chtioui

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Zied Chtioui
Software Architect, Project Manager and iSAQB® Accredited Trainer

Passionate, modern and creative software architect in an International Fintech company with many years of experience specialized on fund accounting process automation, fund compliance, cutting-edge
technologies and product innovation/transformation strategies.

Our Trainings?

Designed by iSAQB® , the international Software Architecture Qualification Board
Rewiewed by software architecture experts accross the world 

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Online and Multilingual 

Training sessions are online and are available in English and French

Accredited by iSAQB®

Cover all topics that will be asked in CPSA-F® exam

Small Groups

Maximum 12 persons per session for better interractions.
CPSA-Foundation Training 
English - Online

July 01 - 03, 2024 (3 Days)

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CPSA-Foundation Training 
French - Switzerland

September 09 - 11, 2024 (3 Days)

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CPSA-Foundation Training 
English - Hungary

October 08 - 10, 2024 (3 Days)

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CPSA-Foundation Training 
French- Online

November 04 - 06, 2024 (3 Days)

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